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The 10 reasons NOT to buy Retreads are:

1. I drive a truck for a hobby. Money means nothing to me!  

2. I like spending more money than I need to for tires.   

3. I took a vow of poverty.   

4. My brother-in-law told me about his bad experiences with "recaps" back in 1956.   

5. Don't confuse me with the facts.   

6. My telephone psychic says I should only buy new tires.   

7. The new tire manufacturing companies need my money more than I do.   

8. Hey, when I buy a really good apple I throw it away after only enjoying about ⅓ of it. Why shouldn't I be satisfied getting only a ⅓ return on my tire investment?   

9. Sure I know the really successful fleets with good tire programs run as many as 2 and 3 retreads for every new tire, but I'm just a little guy and I don't want to make as much money as they do. The taxes would kill me! 

10. The trucking industry in North America may have purchased more retreads than new replacement tires last year, but why should I have to play follow- the-leader just to be successful?      

Sound Ridiculous?

That's because it is! There is simply no good reason not to use retreaded tires on your truck. Thousands of owner-operators and trucking companies already know this.

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